Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


⬇️ TIER 4 ⬇️
We enter tier 4 from 00:01 tomorrow which means that the gym will have to close temporarily immediately.
Memberships: Like before, everyone has the option to either leave them in place to support the gym (thank you so much), cancel your standing order, or extend a pre paid membership. If you are cancelling/extending then please let me know and I’ll arrange this for you. Really grateful for all support during this very challenging time as a small business. But I also don’t expect people to pay for a service that they’re not receiving.
Lockdown services for my gym members: Equipment hire, home workout plans, online zoom classes plus the existing on demand service, which will be added to.
Thank you everyone for your loyalty and support.
You can get in touch with me at

Key Points to know before you visit or join us

We can’t wait to welcome you all back! We have been busy painting, re organising, and getting the gym Covid-19 ready. We are now open and looking forward to seeing you all again.

See photos of our current set up: here

Booking system: We are not implementing one initially in order to assess usage and to see whether this is necessary. We will start a booking system immediately if it is required to keep within our max capacity as per government & UK Active guidelines.

Membership cards must be used on every single visit to sign in and out. This is important so that we can monitor how many people are on site. Replacement cards are £5.

Please do not attend the gym if you or any of your household members have any symptoms of Coronavirus.

Social distancing: Keep 2m apart from other members whenever possible and to follow all signage, guidance, and floor markings that are placed accordingly in order to ensure safety of everyone on site.

Classes: In person classes will resume when social distancing rules are relaxed. Virtual (Zoom) classes we hope to resume in the not too distant future. We will have a bank of on demand classes on the Facebook group for members.

Home/virtual membership: If you do not yet feel comfortable to attend in person, we will be running a programme of live virtual classes as well as continuing our home workout plans that are still available for all members on request – feel free to make as many programme requests as you like, we love writing them for you!

Gym memberships: Standing orders: If you need to reactivate your monthly membership, please email us for the details on how to do this online so as to reduce the need for completing paper forms in person. Pre paid memberships: Unless you have already contacted me to ask for your expiry date to remain the same, each membership has had 126 days added to it’s expiry date to recommence from 25th July. If you have chosen not to return just yet and would like a further extension please get in touch via email – this is no problem at all.

Programmes/Inductions: These will remain short as a huge amount of staff time will be taken up with cleaning and monitoring social distancing, capacity etc. We will write your workout plan for you as normal and ensure that you know how to perform each exercise correctly and assist with any lifting techniques and answer any questions that you may have. Rather than walking you through each set over an hour’s session, we will instead run through form and technique and make sure that you understand how the plan works, how to track and make progress, and it’s purpose in relation to your goals. As always we will review these on request or around every 6 weeks to help you progress.

No sweat towels allowed in the gym. Please use the disposable roll and disinfectant spray supplied to clean down all equipment after use.

Hand sanitiser stations: Make use of the hand sanitiser stations regularly during your visit and before/after touching anything in the gym. These are located throughout the whole gym.

Only use the shower if absolutely necessary. One will be available in each changing room with the others blocked off. After using the shower please notify a member of staff so that it can be cleaned for the next user.

No saunas available as per government guidance.

Drinking fountain: Not in use so please bring a refillable container with you to use the tap.

We have a continuous rotating high risk/contact point cleaning schedule throughout the entire day.

Ventilation: Please leave windows open if they are already – signage will be there too. This is to allow extra ventilation and increased flow of fresh air. This is a key element of guidance that gyms are required to pay attention to.

Please arrive changed and ready to workout without any unnecessary personal belongings. This is to reduce numbers and time spent in the changing room area as well as increased contact with lockers.

If you do use a locker, please use the disinfectant spray and disposable roll to clean down the front and interior after you have used it.

If you have any questions at all we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email us at and we will get back to you quickly. We are still taking on new members so please drop by any time to meet us and see the gym.

Thank you to all of our amazing members that have supported us throughout this time. We would not be able to re open the business if it wasn’t for all of your support.


Services available for all members:

17/06/2020: On demand home workouts available for all members

07/04/2020: Online memberships

25/03/2020: Personal home workout plans now available: click here for more info

21/03/2020 Virtual Live Class timetable released: click here for more info