Home workout plans

⭐️?️‍♂️Home workout plans ?️‍♀️⭐️

These are available for all members even now that the gyms are back open. So if you don’t want to attend the gym in person, we can keep you active from home!

I can tailor it to your individual goals and requirements as well as any equipment that you have at home – or I can set you up with a body weight workout plan.

This is as well as having unlimited access to our virtual class timetable that’s running Mon-Fri.

Interested? Drop me a message with what you are looking for. We can have a chat and I’ll work on getting everyone’s written up this week. 

? I am also more than happy to book Zoom calls with you to help and advise you with the programme or if you need me to check technique and form etc! Or even if you just want a catch up ☕️ because I miss you all!!

? I can change it up as often as required to keep you busy, and tailor it to classes you’re doing too.

? Message/email (tom@activatefitness.co.uk) me for more info and to talk about getting something in place for you.

Hope you’re all keeping well ??